We get excited to see you excited. If we excite you and peak your interests, then this is the page for you. We weren’t born knowing how to farm and homestead. There has been years of trial and error and a seemingly endless amount of content out there that has helped us get to where we are today. This page is designed to help pass that information on down to you.




Pastured Poultry Profits by Joel Salatin:

  • This is an extensive ‘how to book’ when it comes to raising poultry on pasture. It covers everything from feed to shelter and from baby chicks to slaughter to market. This will be your bible if you decide to dip your toes into the chicken business.


Salad Bar Beef by Joel Salatin:

  • Similar to Pastured Poultry Profits , this book is an extensive ‘how to book’ when it comes to raising grass fed pasture finished beef. This will be your bible if you decide to dip your toes into the grass fed beef business.


The Polyface Library by Joel Salatin:

  • Salatin is a pioneer in the regenerative ag movement and his work has been a cornerstone in what we do on our farm. There’s a few in this bundle I haven’t had the chance to get to yet, but I have read most and recommend them to anyone who may be interested in learning more about where your food comes from.


Permaculture: A Designers Manual by Bill Mollison:

  • Bill Mollison is the founder of permaculture. Permaculture is a set of systems and practices that use nature’s patterns to work in our favor by flowing with them rather than against them. When done correctly, you are left with a permanent, self-sustaining system or culture. Thus, the name ‘Permaculture’. This manual can be thought of your Permaculture textbook. It’s not your daily toilet read. Think about it more like your high school biology textbook. Extremely dense with information that takes time and effort to digest. If you’re interested in permaculture practices, this book is invaluable.


The Market Gardener by Jean-Martin Fortier:

  • Written off the foundation of growing naturally that Elliot Coleman paved, this is a great ‘how to book’ when it comes to starting and running a market garden.


The Urban Farmer by Curtis Stone:

  • Very similar to The Market Gardener, This is also a ‘how to’ start a market garden book. What makes this book different is this book focuses more on what crops one can grow to give their customers variety, but also generate the most profit on the least amount of space used for production.  Making it the perfect resource for those who live in an urban environment, but want to also grow their own food and even make a living doing so.


Youtube Channels

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone:

  • This is fantastic YouTube channel that is focused around the world of Small DIY market gardening.


Geoff Lawton: Permaculture Online:

  • Geoff Lawton is a pioneer in the permaculture community working hand in hand with Bill Mollison. He does permaculture consulting and education around the world and his YouTube channel is a great resource for permaculture information.


Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens:

  • John Kohler had been doing YouTube a long time. He believes that food is medicine and believes that it has saved his life. His video can become long winded, but the plus side is that very little is left out. He talks composts, soils, climates, indoor, outdoor you name it. If it has to do with gardening, he covers it. Many of his videos are made from different farm tours from all around the world. Sometimes it’s just someone’s backyard who is kicking some serious booty and sometimes it’s a large commercial operations that has found ways to fit into today’s market without compromising the quality of their product.


Richard Perkins:

  • Richard Perkins is the owner and operator of Ridgedale Permaculture. A farm that is located in Sweden that kicks some serious butt. They incorporate permaculture principles in their layout of the farm and use them to raise meat chickens, egg layers, cattle, a stellar market garden, and much more.


Neversink Farm:

  • Neversink Farm is farm in the New York Catskill Mountains. They have one of the most efficient market gardens in the world and do it all with truly no till practices. Conor Crickmore is the founder, owner, and operator who one day decided to quick his job in New York City and live life on the land.


Jean-Martin Fortier:

  • The author of The Market Gardener, Jean-Martin Fortier’s YouTube channel is a great place to see some of what he writes about in action. If you’re ‘a monkey see monkey do’ kinda person like myself, this is a great place to put understanding to the words.


Diago Footer:

  • Diago Footer is a farm journalist and a co-owner of He is the Anderson Copper or Diane Sawyer (please forgive me if that is insulting) of the alternative agriculture world. He spends a lot of time touring farms around the world that are kicking butt and interviewing them to show people the ways they do things. A lot of the farms he visits are organic, but all of them care about the integrity of their products.



  • Doug and Stacy are two YouTubers who quit the everyday hustle and bustle to start a homestead in Missouri that is completely off grid.





  • This is a documentary that is made about a groundbreaking Polyface farm.


Food Inc.:

  • A documentary made in 2009 designed to expose some of the food industries’ darkest secrets.


How to Grow a Vegetable Garden – Back to Eden Organic Gardening Film:

  • A documentary that shows the wonders of the “Back to Eden” gardening techniques.


Joel Salatin: “Folks, This Ain’t Normal” | Talks at Google:

  • A Joel Salatin seminar given at Google to talk about his book Folks, This Ain’t Normal



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