About Us

Righteous Rebels Farm is a small 30-acre farm that is located in the wonderful town of Franklin, North Carolina that sits nestled on the western side of the Appalachian Mountains just south of the Smoky Mountain National Park. We’re all familiar with the old term “rebel without a cause”. As excitingly, romantic as that sounds, we here on the farm are anything but. In fact, everything done here is done with purpose and intention. Our mission is to heal. Heal the land, heal the people, and heal our culture. We believe that is done through not only sustainable processes, but also regenerative practices. We use techniques that work with nature rather than against it by setting up well thought out systems that mimic nature’s patterns. If we see it flow we follow or use that flow to both out advantages. We believe in 100% transparency by allowing visitors to walk the grounds whenever they would like. We educate anyone who will listen and encourage questions from everyone. We get excited about food and our connection to it, and think it’s pretty rad if you do too. It’s amazing that our way of doing things is considered alternative, outlandish or kooky.  But, in our upside down, topsy-turvy world we live in, we embrace these labels and take pride in them. We are Righteous Rebels Farms.


Welcome to our farm

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